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Are you afraid of skin necrosis, or even blindness?

Anatomical variation is enormous in the face. In every patient, the arterial pathways of the face are so unique, that performing filler treatments with only textbook anatomy in mind is just not enough and can be extremely dangerous. Until now, it was impossible to predict where the vessels in a specific person lie. But just imagine that you could see someone’s individual arterial anatomy in a dynamic way on the face through Augmented Reality. This is exactly what ARtery3D offers.

Study the individual anatomy with ARtery3D!

This patented AR-technology by Augmented Anatomy is the world’s first application allowing anyone to visualise one’s unique and individual anatomy. All you need is your smartphone. No need for expensive hardware or specialised set-ups. Everything is right at your fingertips.

How we are changing the world.

Augmented Anatomy is a Belgian start-up company and is among the first to implement the use of AR in the medical world. Founder and CEO Prof. Dr. Benoit Hendrickx gathered a team of doctors, engineers and IT-experts to ensure that you can make anatomical knowledge your top priority when you inject fillers. As the popularity of cosmetic treatments increases worldwide, mastering anatomical knowledge and having insight into the danger zones of filler injections has never been more relevant.


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