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Advanced technology for the cosmetic medicine sector.

Augmented Anatomy is a Belgian start-up and among the first to bring Augmented Reality into the world of cosmetic medicine. The company was founded by Prof. Dr. Benoit Hendrickx, an expert in the field of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, and for him, safety is the top priority when injecting fillers. The idea of finding a way to visualize the individual anatomy during cosmetic procedures grew when he was working in Australia and the UK. He particularly noticed a lack of anatomical knowledge and insight into the dangers of filler injections. Hence grew the urge to make arterial anatomy a top priority when performing filler treatments. Prof. Dr. Hendrickx surrounded himself with the right people and founded Augmented Anatomy in 2018.


Motivation and skills

Highly trained software developers, radiologists, and plastic surgeons teamed up to turn the idea of 'visualizing the real arterial anatomy in AR' into an actual working product. Dedicated algorithms, protocols, and validation techniques were developed to ensure an accurate projection of any individual’s arterial anatomy. ARtery3D was born!

Academic Vision

Augmented Anatomy maintains a strong academic vision focusing on the publication of scientific articles in open access journals to make them available to the broad public. The anatomical data collected anonymously will also be made available for research. In addition, Augmented Anatomy is preparing to receive their CE certification, according to the new MDR guidelines, in the near future.

Innovation Strategy

Today, a dedicated team is ready to make it possible for each filler injector to do its job in the best possible way. Of course, we continue to innovate and do not stand still for a moment. That is why we are already experimenting with AR glasses and finding out which other medical sectors could benefit from our technology.

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