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An analysis of the cosmetic filler market of the future

The growth of the dermal filler market has started, but it is near its peak. Exponential demand for non-invasive aesthetics in both developed and developing countries offers attractive opportunities for this fast-growing market.

The potential of this market makes it a very competitive one, with different multinational and regional players. They expand their influence by growing their product portfolio and geographical presence. Product innovation, high product quality, customer service, and pricing are the most important factors. It is beyond dispute that the industry will introduce new techniques, new devices and new filler materials in the coming years. In addition, the growing aging population, rapid urbanization, and an increasing worldwide economy are pushing the market even more forward.


A complete analysis of the cosmetic filler injections of the past and present - eBook

Injectable fillers are becoming increasingly popular in almost every part of the world. In this first eBook, we present an overview of the most commonly used fillers, each with their mechanical and biological properties, as well as advantages and disadvantages.

Later, the geographical analysis of the different filler procedures is explored according to the legal restrictions in different countries. We will discuss the influence of medical tourism and social media, and predictions are made as to which novelties will appear and how the filler market will evolve in the next years


An analysis of the legal and geographical differences regarding cosmetic filler injections - eBook

There is quite some controversy and confusion regarding who is allowed to perform certain aesthetic procedures such as dermal filler injections. This is due to the absence of global or continental regulations regarding who is entitled to perform non-invasive cosmetic procedures. National guidelines and regulations differ strongly from each other.

Stronger regulations would however make non-invasive cosmetic procedures much safer for the patient. It would create more awareness about the potential dangers of filler injections and other procedures performed by unqualified practitioners. In many regions, illegal injectors and beauticians administer dermal fillers without a license nor any control.


An analysis of the correlation between cosmetic filler injections and social media

In recent years, there has been significant controversy regarding the unrealistic representation of beauty standards on commercials, billboards and magazine covers. Today, we mindlessly scroll through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok and often idealize the looks and models we see on those platforms. We seem to know more about the lives of “influencers” than that of our own best friends and we seem to get close to people we've never talked to. Everybody can use Instagram or Snapchat filters or install FaceTune, and some of us even have some basic Photoshop skills.


Knoks bedrijf breekt door in cosmetische geneeskunde

Het Knokse bedrijf Augmented Anatomy ontwikkelde een technologie om de anatomie van slagaders in het gezicht te visualiseren. Dat is een primeur in de cosmetische geneeskunde, zeggen de oprichters.


Company from Knokke breaks through in cosmetic medicine

The company Augmented Anatomy developed a technology to visualise the anatomy of arteries in the face. That's a first in cosmetic medicine, the founders say.


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Infrared Thermally Enhanced 3-D Time of Flight Magnetic Resonance Angiography Imaging for the Visualization of the Arteries of the Face - Scientific Publication Aesthetic Surgery Journal Open Forum

The face is known for its extreme variation in vascular anatomy. Furthermore, the rapidly increasing number of filler treatments leads to an increase in severe filler-associated complications (such as skin necrosis and blindness) due to intra-arterial injection. Visualizing a patient’s individual complete facial arterial anatomy in a contrast- and radiation-free way has not been published before. This innovative imaging technique could, therefore, enhance the safety of minimally invasive surgical procedures as it provides a harmless way to map the arteries of the face.

In search of a harmless method for the visualization of the facial artery network, magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) seems to be the method of choice. 


Temporary fillers can have dramatic consequences

ROTTERDAM - The injection of temporary fillers can lead to the death of skin tissue and in the worst case even cause blindness. In Erasmus MC's special clinic for filler complications, an average of two people per month visit with serious filler complications caused by other injectors.

"The filler, usually hyaluronic acid, is accidentally injected into a blood vessel, causing it to clog up and cause the skin tissue or optic nerve to die. Alarming complications" says researcher and dermatologist Peter Velthuis.


"Augmented reality can transform the entire medical world." - Interview Bloovi

A Belgian start-up is the very first in the world to bring Augmented Reality into the world of cosmetic medicine. The technology developed by Augmented Anatomy accurately portrays the hyper-complex network of arteries in our faces. Through knowledge of individual anatomy, so-called fillers can be injected more safely, with a much lower risk of maiming or even blinding people. "Our solution is a gamechanger, but it's only the first step," says Professor Benoit Hendrickx, plastic surgeon and Augmented Anatomy Founder. "Augmented reality has tremendous potential for the entire medical world."


Visualisation Techniques of Facial Arteries - Scientific Publication JCD

This recently published article reviews the different visualization techniques of facial arteries.

In spite of the potential reversibility of the inadvertent HA injection with hyaluronidase (which has the ability to dissolve HA), vascular occlusion may persist. Even in the hands of experienced practitioners respecting the safety procedures, intra-arterial injection of soft tissue fillers may cause embolization and may lead to localised skin necrosis, blindness, and even cerebral artery embolism.

It is clear that a thorough knowledge of the complex anatomy of the facial arteries is essential when planning any facial procedure, whether it be for aesthetic or reconstructive purposes.


Individual variations in arterial anatomy of the face visualised via Augmented Reality - Interview Apparences

The team of Augmented Anatomy (AA), a small Belgian startup led by plastic surgeon Prof. Dr. Benoit Hendrickx, has now, partly thanks to the support of VLAIO, succeeded in developing a technology to visualize the entire arterial network of the face through Augmented Reality; the application was named ARtery3D.