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Product Engineer/Technician

Augmented Anatomy (AA) is specialized in the visualization of the individual human anatomy through augmented reality (AR). The company is aiming to grow fast as soon as we will release ARtery 3Dthe first-ever product that visualizes anyone’s individual facial vascular anatomy through AR. This technology may truly signify a revolution within the cosmetic and surgical world. 


We developed a workflow to process an MRI-scan of the face into a highly accurate and patient-specific AR-visualisationThe workflow consists of a handful of dedicated and sometimes challenging steps, in order to deliver unique AR-images, that differ from patient to patient. Different skills come into play, such as 3D visualisation, (basic) anatomical knowledge, and medical imaging analysisYour work will help health care professionals around the world and have a large impact on their daily practice as well as the patient’s health. 


As we prepare the official launch of ARtery 3D, we are looking for a motivated colleague who will be in charge of this developed workflow. 

Your job consists of the following tasks: 


  • Analysis of MRI-scans of the face to determine the accurate visualisation of a specific set of facial arteries 
  • Analysis of the processed 3D-volume of facial arteries and its correlation to the native medical images 
  • Processing of the arterial volumes and conversion into an AR-ready image 
  • Evaluation of the accurate AR-representation of the anatomical structures after implementation of facial tracking software 


What we expect from you: 

  • A (basic) background knowledge on medical imaging and the human anatomy or the interest in learning these subjectsAn education in medical imaging is an asset. 
  • The ability to work independently in a  manual workflowinvolving a broad range of medical and technological aspects 
  • Basic computer knowledge and the interest in learning to work with some specific applications that are involved in the workflow 


What we offer: 

  • Exciting work in a game-changing company, where you can really make a difference 
  • Bright and motivated colleagues from different fields (radiology, surgery, IT, engineers) 
  • All the necessary tools (high-performance laptop with external monitorsmartphone, etc.)  
  • long-term commitment 

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Email your cv and motivation to contact@augmented-anatomy,com


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