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R&D engineer

At Augmented Anatomy we are building a state-of-the-art platform for visualising anyone’s individual anatomy through Augmented Reality (AR). As an R&D engineer, you will join a highly experienced team of professionals, ranging from data-scientists to engineers and professors in medicine. The software you will build will have a huge impact on many professional’s daily life and training all over the world.  


As an R&D engineer you will build the next generation of dynamic 3D models that will enable our clients to visualize individual human anatomy models in a real-world setting. While our algorithms are able to detect anatomical structures on individual medical images, we are looking for an R&D engineer to dynamically visualize these structures in new use cases, depending on the need of the individual professional and device (Mobile / HoloLens 2 / etc.) An accurate 3D awareness is necessary, combined with strong programming skills. You will work together with medical experts in each therapeutic domain, who will guide you in the visual tools they need in order to learn most about the individual anatomy useful in their domain.  
As an R&D engineer, your main work will be focused on the development of new computer algorithms for the dynamic visualization of individual anatomical structures in an AR setting. 

  • With a short development cycle, your work will have a profound impact on the daily lives of many healthcare professionals in studying the individual anatomy.  
  • Your job will consist of the following tasks: 
  • Make new algorithms for the 3D placement of anatomical structures in an AR setting 
  • Test, Research & Benchmark possible algorithms 
  • Work with the latest technologies in Augmented Reality 
  • Gather feedback from KSLs and test-users, enabling the development of new versions of the algorithms 
  • Report bugs, tasks and feature requests 
  • Report in weekly team meetings lead by the head of R&D 


  • Master’s degree in Informatics, Engineering, Physics or Mathematics, preferably with a strong numerical background or equivalent by experience 
  • You are comfortable with 3D models, transformations and coordinate systems 
  • You have strong programming skills (e.g. Python, Java, C#,… ) 
  • You are a real go-getter who is able to turn ideas into reality 
  • You have a problem-solving mindset and you can deal with complexity 


What we offer: 

  • Exciting work in a game-changing company, where you can really make a difference 
  • Bright and motivated colleagues from different fields (radiology, surgery, IT, engineers) 
  • All the necessary tools (high-performance laptop with external monitor, smartphone, etc.)  
  • The latest AR-tech to play and develop with (HoloLens 2, Magic Leap, …) 
  • A long-term commitment 

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