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Visualisation Techniques of Facial Arteries - Scientific Publication JCD

This recently published article reviews the different visualization techniques of facial arteries.

In spite of the potential reversibility of the inadvertent HA injection with hyaluronidase (which has the ability to dissolve HA), vascular occlusion may persist. Even in the hands of experienced practitioners respecting the safety procedures, intra-arterial injection of soft tissue fillers may cause embolization and may lead to localised skin necrosis, blindness, and even cerebral artery embolism.

It is clear that a thorough knowledge of the complex anatomy of the facial arteries is essential when planning any facial procedure, whether it be for aesthetic or reconstructive purposes.




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Visualization techniques of the facial arteries.

Hendrickx et al. Visualization techniques of the facial arteries. J Cosmet Dermatol . 2020 May 27.

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