Augmented Anatomy - I'm a Health Care Practioner

ARtery3D is the first product of Augmented Anatomy, a company that brings together human anatomy and Augmented Reality. ARtery3D’s patented technology allows any injector to accurately visualise the individual’s hyper-complex arterial network of the face.


Getting started in a few steps.


Create an account

Create an account on our website and install the ARtery3D application on your smartphone. (minimum version Android 5.1 / IOS 9.0). Please fill in all the required information, as well as the radiology department(s) you would like to refer your patients to. Augmented Anatomy will provide the specified departments with all the necessary instructions, as well as an infrared lamp offered by us.


Register patient

Register your patient on our website. Please take a frontal picture of this patient and a 20 seconds video as shown in the application. We need this information to validate the facial tracking. An instructional video can also be found in the application. Please provide us with all the required medical information, as this may influence the MRI results.


Book for MRI scan

Download the MRI prescription form in the application. Once filled in, your patient can book an appointment with any of the specified radiology departments. You can follow the overall progress for each patient on your personal account page.


Open app and scan

The ARtery3D app and website will notify you as soon as the arterial volume is ready to be visualised. A new appointment can then be booked to perform the filler treatment using ARtery3D. 

At the time of consultation, just open the ARtery3D app and select the correct patient from your personal patient list. Point the camera to your patient’s face, let it scan and the arteries will be visible on the skin of your patient. Enjoy seeing the arterial anatomy!